Forex Investors Lose Billions on Swiss Currency Bets.

written by: Natalie Pace.

Includes my Hot News on Cool Stocks Update and Updated 2015 Pie Charts.

Genius Economist on Fed Leverage, ObamaCare, Obesity and L.A. Traffic.
Interview with Professor Kevin M. Murphy, George J. Stigler Distinguished Service Professor of Economics, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
written by: Natalie Pace.
Switch from Red to Green (From Nuclear to Clean Energy).
Includes a Power Stock Report Card.
written by: Natalie Pace.
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"It is important to remember that the last two recessions been both swift and deadly. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped almost 8000 points in under a year and half between 2008 and 2009 (more than half). NASDAQ lost 75% of its value in the Dot Com Recession. "
- Natalie Pace, author, The Gratitude Game
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Newsletter - Current Issue Vol 12 Issue 1
January 7, 2015

We think we understand and we think we know how to control it, but thinking and knowing are two different things. And I’d be a little worried about it because if you just drew a chart of our leverage, we’re off the charts, right? Relative to where we used to be we’re in outer space."

Professor Kevin M. Murphy
on the Trillions of Assets Being Held by the U.S. Federal Reserve Banks

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