Special Report: Yelp!

written by: Natalie Pace.

Includes my Hot News on Cool Stocks Update and Updated 2014 Pie Charts.

The Legend of the Blind MC.

written by: By Ben Horowitz.
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- Natalie Pace, author, The ABCs of Money
from "A Day Without Oil," vol. 11, iss. 4
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The Dow dropped 318 points on Jan. 24, 2014.
Answer Vote Count
Dow drops to 13,000 or lower before summer.
6 %
The Feds save the day with continued QE policy.
6 %
I'm a gold bug! Gold soars above $2000 before summer.
13 %
I'm buying real estate.
13 %
I like NASDAQ better than the debt-laden Dow.
33 %
Stocks are scary. Bonds are time-bombs.
6 %
Cash under the mattress time.
6 %
Temporary pullback. U.S. stocks are still the best investment in the world.
13 %
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Newsletter - Current Issue Vol 11 Issue 4
April 1, 2014

“Figuring out the right product is the innovator’s job, not the customer’s job. The customer only knows what she thinks she wants based on her experience with the current product. The innovator can take into account everything that is possible, but often must go against what she knows to be true. As a result, innovation requires a combination of knowledge, skill and courage. Sometimes, only the founder has the courage to ignore the data.

Ben Horowitz
author of The Hard Thing About Hard Things,
co-founder and General Partner of Andreessen Horowitz




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